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CEO Speaks

"Success is best when it is shared", said Howard Schultz, Chairman and CEO of Starbucks.

The importance of CEO’s as industry leaders?

Rapid growth that India envisions through the Smart Cities Mission is not possible without the right framework and presence of industry leaders. The government and policy makers can create a strong foundation to pave the way for India’s rapid growth, however, a proactive approach from industry will be the way to take the policy forward, and to bring up real capacity addition.

What is CEO Speaks?

CEO Speaks is a unique idea to attract CEO's, who are policy makers, innovators, experts and change makers to highlight the evolving landscape of today’s Infrastructure being displayed and deliberated at the One Mega Expo. The CEO’s delivery at the conference is aimed to provide the missing links in India’s growth, and to help attendees receive an insight of what’s new today, and what’s lying ahead in the future. This conference will be the perfect platform to hear issues and opportunities from the policy makers and industry leaders' perspective.


We invite company and institutional CEO’s to speak at theOne Mega Expo conference and share your knowledge and experience with others. You would set the tone of the session at the conference.

Please advise your interest to be a part of this important conference.


  • The CEO will be required to deliver your presentation / paper as the lead / keynote speaker at the conference session
  • Your delivery will be for a period of 10-12 minutes
  • You may speak from your prepared speech / PPT, or extempore
  • Following your delivery, you will join a panel for discussion on the theme set by you in your delivery
  • A chair will be present to moderate the session, and the Q&A.


  • There are some brief guidelines that we request you to observe, as follows:
  • Please advise your interest to be a part of CEO Speaks
  • Please forward the title of the presentation you will make
  • Please send a brief cv and photograph for our use
  • We will require a written speech or PPT in advance of the presentation
  • With the written speech or PPT, we request important bullet recommendations that will be utilised in the report submitted to the government of India 
  • Your name, photograph and cv will be placed on our web page, subject to inclusion in the conference programme
  • Speakers must be aware that the Conference Technical Committee is the final authority on all participation.

For additional information, please contact:

Aarti Parashar
Ph. +91-11-42795069  | Mob: 9818842163 | E-mail: aartip@eigroup.in

Richa Chakravarty 
Ph. +91-11-42795143 | Mob: 9891393798 | E-mail id: richac@eigroup.in

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