5th Smart Cities India 2019
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Conference Programme

DAY 1: 22 May 2019
Time Conference Room A
0930-1100 hrs Opening Ceremony
1100-1130 hrs Tea break
Time Conference Room B: Solar India
1130-1300 hrs CEO Speaks: Solar energy for a sustainable future:
Solar energy is a major renewable energy source with the potential to meet many challenges world is facing and major contributor in achieving the target of 175GW of RE installed capacity by 2022. There are many reasons to promote its share in the energy market. This energy source is versatile with many benefits to people and the environment. The CEO speaks session will bring out the perspective and vision of global leaders who believe and working passionately on renewing the planet though new ideas and technologies. The addresses during the session will have powerful ideas from global leaders to change attitudes and highlight the concept of conscientious enterprise, and business that helps the society.
1300-1400 hrs Lunch
1400-1515 hrs Accelerating innovative financing for IPPs:
Session focus:

• Innovative funding to ensure viability
• Challenges
• Role of central and state government
• Incentive and subsidies
• Risk assessment
• Way forward
• Global experience
• Impact of falling tariffs in solar
1515-1530 hrs Tea break
1530-1645 hrs Mainstreaming the Policies and Regulation for IPPs
Session focus:

• Market vs regulations
• Policy Initiatives
• Challenges and solutions
• Land acquisition
• Policy support for investments
• Role of central, state governments and regulators
• Inventions in policy framework
• International success stories

DAY 2: 23 May 2019
Time Conference Room B: Solar Rooftop Summit
1000-1130 hrs Scaling Solar Rooftop to achieve the target by 2022
Session focus:

• Policies and regulations: Current and future
• Government Initiatives and Industry Perspective
• Pricing, investments and market trends
• Rooftops and distributed solar
• Gaps and challenges
• Industrial vs residential
• Net metering
1130-1145 hrs Tea break
1145-1315 hrs Technology trends and innovative models for rooftop:
Session focus:

• Rooftop business models
• Procurement, project operations and management
• Challenges and opportunities in EPC of rooftop projects
• Modules
• Inverter Technology
• Do it yourself: Portable solar kits
• New applications (SCADA, Data logger, dashboards, etc.)
• Quality standards and efficiency
• Grants and subsidies
1315-1400 hrs Lunch break
1400-1515 hrs Solar rooftop installation, operations & management and quality
Session focus:

• Latest market trends, developments and improvement needed
• Costing analysation
• Quality of construction of solar rooftop projects
• Maintenance and management of projects
• Identification of equipment’s and technical hurdles during implementation
• Understanding the suitability of business models (BOO, BOT and BOOT)
• Risk analysation for end users
• Potential for employment generation
• Global experiences
1515-1530 hrs Tea break
1530-1645 hrs Potential of off-grid solar applications:
Session focus:

• Energy storage
• Solar water pumping
• Home lighting
• Rural and agriculture applications
• Mini and micro grids

DAY 3: 24 May 2019
Time Conference Room B: Solar India
1000-1130 hrs Solar energy imports and exports:
Session focus:

• Challenges and barriers
• Boon or bane for manufacturers in India
• Quality and certification
• Anti-dumping and safeguards duty
• Existing opportunities
1130-1145 hrs Tea break
1145-1315 hrs Digitisation ushering a new solar era:
Session focus:

• Need of digitisation
• Solar industry 4.0
• Opportunities and barriers
• Digitalization helps projects to increase profitability
• Connection with small-scale generation technologies
• Blockchain technology
• Efficient energy management with IoT
• Putting “Digital Twins” to work
• Smart Grids
1315-1400 hrs Lunch break
Time Conference Room A
1400-1600 hrs Smart Cities India Awards

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